9th New York Volunteer Cavalry, Company F.


Welcome to the official site of the 9th NY Volunteer Cavalry, Company F. We are a reenactment group that is based around the western New York region. We go to parks and schools, and do our best to educate the public about the lives of both soldiers and civilians in the 1860's. We are currently preparing to jump-start the unit with our younger members. At any single event we typically have anywhere between two and 12 members, depending on the event. We are in the works of hosting our own event and invite any suggestions regarding the event.

Why become a Re-Enactor?

The answer is simple: Doing what you love and having fun while doing it. Ask any re-enactor and you will get the same answer, Because I love it and its a fun thing to do.

Who can become a Re-Enactor?

Anyone can become a re-enactor. People from all types of lifestyles become re-enactors. There is no age limit in the 9th, although you must be 16 to take a weapon out into the field. Anyone younger than 16 can be a runner or water boy. Both are extremely important and we can always use more. Re-enacting is open to women too! Roles for women range from cook, to housewives, to nurses, and even soldiers. As far back the Revolutionary war, there were women pretending to be men and fighting as soldiers. And for the men, you can be a soldier, cook, civilian, musician (fife, drum, bugle, etc...), even a doctor. Re-enacting is an equal opportunity event for the entire family.

How do I get started? 

Getting started is simple. Either contact us by email, OR you can come to a re-enactment and see what its really like to live the life of a Civil War soldier. Learn what it was like back in 1863 during the heat of the war. Experience the tastes, smells, and activities of the 1860s and learn more about our nation and the war that almost tore it apart. Become a Civil War re-enactor and help preserve our nations heritige so this great struggle will not be lost to the textbooks forever.

As with all hobbies, re-enacting isn't for everyone. But if it does sound interesting to you, please contact us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help an aspiring re-enactor.


Re-Enacting can be an expensive hobby to start. But with a few good investments and some help from fellow re-enactors, you will be up and running in no time. And once you have the basics the other items can be acquired slowly, one or two at a time. Re-enactors are kind people, often willing to lend out a piece of clothing or equipment for a weekend to someone in need.


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